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Spreading the Love

Fifth graders made prayer cards this week for special intentions.

Giving Their Brains a Break It's been a busy week in Grade 5 as we began to dive deeper into the curriculum. The class worked especially hard in Spelling and Math to prepare for their quizzes on Friday. Sometimes breaks are needed, though; the class always enjoys a GoNoodle "brain break." Here they are melting away any worries or tension in between classes. 

Middle School Bowling
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Friday Treats and Greek Mythology!



Joslyn Ho and Daniel Lanni! These students have been elected to serve as our fifth grade representatives on student council. As members, they will be the "voice" of our class, attending monthly meetings and helping to coordinate special events for the middle school to take part in throughout the year. We wish them the best as they begin their roles as public servants and positive role models of our school. Congratulations to all of our candidates, who worked hard on their campaigns and will continue to play an integral role in our school community.

Life in Middle School: Welcome, Grade 5!

Our new middle schoolers are already working hard in fifth grade. They began last week by presenting their summer reading projects. Students enjoyed chocolate cake, deciphering hidden messages, watching video games, learning a recipe for how to survive a monster apocalypse, and so much more -- all while learning more about their classmates' favorite books from the summer!

--------------------------------------------------- For their first writing assignment, fifth graders planned out their academic and personal S.M.A.R.T. goals that they hope to accomplish at some point during their first year of middle school.

WOW'ed by Grade 6

Sixth grade hit the ground running, proving that they have been busy this summer with their reading and creativity! They started off the year presenting their summer reading projects. Here are a few snapshots from some notable presentations.

 How to Survive Middle SchoolFor their first writing assignment, sixth graders were tasked with composing letters of advice to the incoming fifth graders. They shared some perks of middle school life and tips for success with Grade 5. Below are some of Mrs. DeLuca's favorites: PERKS"There are many cool things and advantages of being upstairs: intramural volleyball, College Settlement, field day..." - Zayda

"You get bigger lockers and you get to run for student council." - Andrew

"You get to look SNAZZAE in a blazer." - Tom

"There are lots of good things about middle school. You are more independent. You have green and white days. You have your Chromebooks and you get to do …

Wrapping Up the Year in Fifth Grade

With the school year coming to a close, it's the perfect time to look back on a few events that have taken place over the past few months in fifth grade.
Earth Day 2019 To celebrate Earth Day, fifth and sixth graders made artwork out of recycled materials during Community Time. Students painted garden rocks and created seedling paper earths.

Transition Talk At the start of May, the fifth grade hosted a Transition Talk with the fourth grade students to share their experiences as first-year middle schoolers. The fifth graders were honest, insightful, and helpful in their tips and tricks for how to make the transition upstairs as smooth as possible.