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Sports Stacking!

For this week's Community Time, Holy Child students were introduced to the competitive sport, sports stacking. Fifth and eighth graders gathered together to learn the basics of speed stacking with cups, led by a coach from Speed Stacks. They practiced multiple combinations: 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and even 6-6 and 10. The skills emphasized were speed, of course, but also agility and precision to detail. As you can tell from the photos below, the students also had a great time!

If your family is interested in purchasing a stacking kit for your child(ren) at home, Mrs. Mossor will be selling the products featured today by Speed Stacks here at school.

For more information, please visit their website (linked above). According to their site, there are many benefits to sports stacking:

FITNESS:Sport Stacking is a fitness based sport that kids from all backgrounds and abilities can do. For the athlete and non-athlete alike, regardless if you are instructing eighth graders or kindergartners, sport …
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Random Acts of Kindness Week

This week, Holy Child students celebrated Random Acts of Kindness! The movement, which has spread nationwide with a special focus this year on the week of Feb. 16-22, encourages students, educators, families, and communities to strive to "make kindness the norm" in every day life. 
Fifth graders challenged themselves to think about the ways that they could spread kindness throughout the week both in and outside of school. Maybe you've observed your child go out of his or her way to help out with a chore, sibling, or neighbor? They have been recognizing their good deeds anonymously on our star chart. We will quickly be at 100 acts of kindness, but know that the message behind this movement doesn't end when we've colored in each space and the week runs out.

Organized by Ms. Kathol, our director of religious education, each grade picked another class from N2-Grade 8 to surprise with an act of kindness at some point during the week. On Wednesday, fifth grade surpris…